Help get clean energy
for your community
What's the problem?
High energy bills
We all feel it—energy prices have increased tremendously in recently years, and this trend is set to continue. If this concerns you, you're not alone: a recent survey by Choice Magazine shows that 81% of people are concerned or very concerned about high energy bills. What if you could save money on your bills by purchasing energy from your neighbours?
Access to clean energy
Not everyone is able to access clean energy. They can't install solar because of the cost, or they live in an apartment or rent. And not everyone can afford the premium for green energy options that are on the market. What if clean energy, generated in the community, could cost less than conventional energy?
Low price for solar
If you've already installed solar, the rate you get paid for your excess energy is both under-valued and uncertain. By comparison, retail rates at which energy is purchased can be up to 10 times higher! This means it takes longer to pay back the up-front investment. Batteries can help but they're still quite expensive. What if you could get a better return on your investment in solar and batteries?

About local energy trading
Nexergy enables people with solar and batteries to sell their energy to others in their community. By cutting out the middle-man, sellers get a better return than selling their energy to their electricity company, and buyers get clean energy for less than conventional energy.
We can make this happen, together
By signing up to the Nexergy Ready energy plan with our partner, Energy Locals:
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Attractive and competitive rates for your electricity

A smart internet enabled energy tracker

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You help us
Access your energy tracker data so that we can bring our preview release to market

Demonstrate support for a fairer energy system
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Frequently Asked Questions
How much will I save?
Savings will depend on your energy usage and what you have installed (for those with solar and batteries). Typical savings range between 10%–40%.

Is there an up-front cost?
No. It's as simple as changing your energy plan. In fact, Energy Locals makes it even simpler than most!

Is there a "lock in" contract?
There's no lock-in contracts—you can leave whenever you want.

Do I need to install anything?
Nexergy trading uses the standard electricity grid to enable energy flows between traders. You don't need to install anything special if you are a buyer, or a seller with just solar. If you are a battery owner, you will need to get a Nexergy Ready device so that your battery can respond to the Nexergy market.

What else do I need to setup to start trading?
For buyers, once you've signed up to the Nexergy energy plan, that's it. For sellers, you set your preferences for how you'd like to make your energy available to your community using our smartphone app. Once you've set these up, the Nexergy platform starts trading on your behalf, working for you.
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