Frequently Asked Questions
Peer-to-peer energy trading is a new thing, so you're bound to have some questions. We've provided answers to the questions we get asked most often here, but please get in touch if your query isn't answered here.
What is peer-to-peer energy trading?
Peer-to-peer trading enables people with solar (and soon batteries) to sell their excess energy to others in their community. Those buying energy can also choose to purchase directly from community renewable energy farms.

Do I have to have solar (or batteries) to trade?
Not at all. You can buy energy from people in your community using the Nexergy platform even if you don't have either of these. If you only have solar, you can sell your excess energy to others in your community—batteries are not a requirement.

What are the benefits of peer-to-peer energy trading using Nexergy?
For energy consumers—those without rooftop solar, or other distributed energy resources like batteries—you can purchase solar energy directly from solar owners you connect with, or even from a community renewable energy farm. Depending on the solar owners you connect with you may be able to access their excess energy for less than conventional energy. For example, if you have a family member or friend with solar, they may provide their excess energy to you at a discount.

For prosumers—those with solar who both produce and consume energy—you can offer your energy to the buyers you connect with on Nexergy. You can set a premium price or provide a discount to those you sell to.

Is there an upfront cost?
No. All you need to do is switch your energy plan over to Nexergy.

Is there a "lock-in" contract?
There are no lock-in contracts—you can leave whenever you want!

How much will I save?
Savings will depend on your energy usage, who you trade with and, if you have a solar system, what type of system you have installed. The Nexergy Ready plan offers our standard rates, which are very competitive even before peer-to-peer energy trading is applied to individual plans based on trading preferences.

Do I need to install anything?
Energy traded on the Nexergy platform is delivered via the standard electricity grid. You don't need to install anything special to get started. Your standard energy meter is used to enable the service.

What else do I need to set up to start trading on Nexergy?
Once you've signed up to the Nexergy energy plan, whether you're a buyer or seller, you need to set your preferences as to who you want to trade with and how. We'll walk you through the process of setting those preferences in our easy to use mobile app so you can get up and running quickly. Once you're set up, the platform executes all trades for you so you can forget about it. You can always go back to the app to change your preferences and review your trading activity.

Can I sell energy coming from my battery?
Not yet. We expect to add this as a feature in future releases, so please get in touch if you are interested in using the Nexergy marketplace to trade energy from your battery.

Is this legal? I've heard you can't do this?
Totally! We've done the hard work to provide local energy trading under current regulations and energy market rules. That said, there are some rules and regulations which, if they should change, will provide additional economic benefits for local energy trading and "smooth the path" further. But we don't need to wait for such changes—so you can get started today!

Do I still have to pay network charges (and the daily supply charge)?
Yes. Energy traded on the Nexergy platform is sent to and drawn from the standard electricity grid. Regulations dictate that network charges (both the per kWh charges and daily fixed charges) still apply even for local energy trading.

Can I get this outside of NSW?
We are launching in NSW, but we plan to expand to other eastern states and South Australia soon. Let us know if you're from outside of NSW and are interested, as this will help us plan where we launch next!

Due to the significant differences in the energy market in the Northern Territory and Western Australia, we don't have plans to introduce the service there in the near term.

Can I trade with people outside of my local area?
Presently trading is available between participants within a given state (e.g. anyone living in NSW). As current regulations require customers to pay the full network charge, regardless of where the participants are geographically from each other, we're making trading available regardless of your proximity to other traders.

When the energy market rules relating to network charges change to better reflect the value of local energy flows, we will adapt our platform to be more location-targeted, providing further benefits for trading among local participants.

How can I be sure the energy I use is coming from the people I buy it from?
The existing electricity grid is still the most effective way to distribute energy for the purposes of local energy trading. There's no way to directly guide the energy coming from one source to another once it enters the grid.

What Nexergy does is account for the energy flows between buyers and sellers on our platform and makes sure that your $$ are going directly to the people in the community who are providing clean energy into the grid. The best way to support renewable energy in your local area is to invite people in your neighbourhood who have solar to join Nexergy, and ask them to invite you as a buyer via the Nexergy app.
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