Fair trade energy

By bringing energy into the sharing economy, our local energy trading platform helps you reduce your energy bills and, for those with solar or batteries, get a better return on your investment.
Preview release
Pre-register for the Preview Release of the Nexergy local energy trading, launching later this year.
Lower energy bills
The recent price hikes are the most recent in a long line of increases from the big energy companies. Buy or sell excess energy within your community and save.
Clean energy for less
With local energy trading, you can buy clean energy, generated by people in your community, for the same or less than conventional energy.
Fair price for solar
Got solar or batteries? Our platform puts you in the driver's set, connecting you with buyers in your community to get a better rate for your solar exports.
We've partnered with community energy retailer Energy Locals to provide the Preview Release of the Nexergy local energy trading platform. Learn more...
What is local energy trading?
For buyers
Can't get your own solar panels or batteries? Living in an apartment, renting, or just can't afford premium prices?

With local energy trading you can:

Save money on your energy bills.

Purchase locally-generated clean energy for the same or less than conventional energy.

Support the people in your community who have invested in renewable energy.
For sellers
Got solar or batteries? Tired of getting peanuts for the energy you put out to the grid?

With local energy trading you can:

Get a better return than typical feed-in tariffs for your excess energy.

Support your local community with lower energy prices.

Achieve greater energy independence.
How much can you save?
Research shows that people engaging in local energy trading can save 20% or more on their electricity usage.*
* Source: University of Sydney
Want to start saving?
You're not alone—people in over 80 communities have already registered their interest in the Nexergy Preview Release! Be the first to experience the benefits of local energy trading by pre-registering today.
About Us
We believe in a fairer energy system, where the value of individual investment in renewable energy is properly rewarded, and where energy is accessible for all to thrive. There's lots to be done, but we're enthusiastically working to realise our vision of a clean, equitable energy future.
Darius Salgo
Darius is passionate about paving the way for the next generation of clean energy technologies to thrive. He believes that empowering communities with accessible, clean energy is the solution to our fossil-fuel hangover.

Darius has experience in energy systems engineering and energy markets, having worked in hybrid microgrid design, wind farm operation and trading on Australia's National Electricity Market (NEM). He holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Sydney and is active in the sustainability and technology communities.
Grant Young
Grant is excited to be combining his professional and personal passions for sustainability and digital product design to support the growth of the community-led distributed energy revolution.

Grant is one of the people behind online accounting application Saasu and was a founding team member of Earth Hour (while working at WWF-Australia). He holds a Masters in Sustainable Practice from RMIT and has worked on a number of projects for the NEM Consumer Advocacy Panel and the Green Buildings Alive program.
Stephen Muss
Stephen is delighted to be bringing his skills as a senior developer and team leader to creating a fairer, more resilient and sustainable energy system.

Stephen has developed location-based consumer platforms supporting hundreds of thousands of users. He applies his experience working across the application stack, in DevOps, API development + native mobile application development (iOS, Android), to bring the Nexergy local energy trading platform to life.

The Nexergy team recently completed the Energy XO accelerator program.
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