Clean energy for less

Ever thought that clean energy should be cheaper than the dirty alternatives? What if you could get clean energy for less than it costs for conventional energy?

Research shows that people trading energy with their community can save 20% or more whilst supporting local, renewable energy.
How it works

Generate & Store
People with solar panels generate lots of electricity. If they generate more than they can use, or store, it all goes back into the grid. Traditionally, they could only sell it back to the energy companies at a fraction of its value.
Nexergy allows owners of solar and batteries to trade their energy within their community, based on their preferences and needs. Community members can buy local, clean energy for less than their current retail rates.
If you don't have solar panels or batteries, you can still save! By buying your energy from your community you not only save money, but you are supporting locally generated clean energy.

Express your interest
Don't miss out on your chance to be part of the next generation electricity network—one that rewards community generated clean energy.

We're looking for people just like you to participate in up-coming trials of the Nexergy trading platform.

Our team
The Nexergy team was recently selected to participate in the Energy XO accelerator program, led by Pollenizer and supported by Horizon Power.
Darius Salgo
Darius is passionate about paving the way for the next generation of clean energy technologies to thrive. He believes that empowering communities with accessible, clean energy is the solution to our fossil-fuel hangover.

Darius has experience in energy systems engineering and energy markets, having worked in hybrid microgrid design, wind farm operation and trading on Australia's National Electricity Market (NEM). He has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sydney and is active in the sustainability and technology communities.
Grant Young
Grant is excited to be applying his professional and personal passions, for sustainability and digital product design, to support the transformation of the electricity network to community-led distributed energy.

Grant holds a Masters in Sustainable Practice at RMIT and has been a senior team member in a number of sustainability and energy-related projects for the NEM Consumer Advocacy Panel and the Green Buildings Alive program, as well as designing and developing financial and carbon accounting web applications.
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