Keep it in the family
Nexergy enables you to sell your excess solar energy to family and friends, instead of your energy company. You can choose to reduce the electricity costs for those close to you, or they can chip in a bit extra to help pay back your system faster using the Nexergy peer-to-peer energy trading platform.
Why trade?
When your excess solar is going to the grid, why not sell it to your family, friends or others in your community, rather than the electricity company? You too can buy from others in your community when you need electricity from the grid.
Family & Friends
Provide discounted energy to your family and friends. Or they can pay you a premium to help pay off your system sooner.
Support Community
Provide discounted energy to individuals or organisations in your community that could do with a helping hand.
Greater Control
You choose who your excess energy is sold to and for how much. And you can choose where your energy comes from when you get it from the grid.
How it works
As someone with rooftop solar, you can sell your energy to people you know, or connect with others in your community.
Set your preferences
Using the Nexergy app, choose who you sell your excess electricity to and at what price. Invite people you know to buy your excess energy, or list yourself in the Nexergy sellers directory.
Switch to Nexergy
Switch your electricity plan to Nexergy. You'll automatically start trading based on your preferences after your next meter reading. There's no lock in contracts and the base rates (before trading) are very competitive.
Share clean energy
When you are generating excess electricity, your buyers purchase from you at the rate you specify. You can also choose who you buy from, when you need to draw energy from the grid.
Get the benefits
Check your trading activity as you go, with the results reflected on your energy bill. You can change your preferences (buyers and sellers, pricing etc.) at any time.
Trading is easy with the Nexergy mobile app. Setup a sellers profile or invite others to buy your energy, and choose who you buy from. Setup once, and let Nexergy do the rest.
Switch to Nexergy
Take the first step to get trading. Book a demo, or check availability in your area and review Nexergy's standard rates.
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