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Nexergy's local energy trading and control platform provides a customer-friendly way to moderate behind-the-meter distributed energy resources to reduce the costs of running and managing your energy systems.
The Problem
In the past energy flows went one way, with energy transmitted from generators to consumers. Now, we're entering the age of distributed generation, with the number of prosumers—people who both produce and consume energy—increasing rapidly. New Internet of Things devices are increasingly finding their way into households. Innovative new models are needed to maintain relevance in this rapidly changing energy ecosystem.
Grid & load defection
Plummeting solar and battery prices along with uncertain feed-in tariffs are prompting an increasing number of households installing distributed energy resources, with a view to going "off grid". This results in lower utility consumption, leading to increased costs for all—a negative feedback loop which is challenging traditional utility business and operational models.
Engaging behind-the-meter
We've witnessed an explosion of new behind-the-meter (BTM) distributed energy resources in the past 10 years. This is expected to continue to grow with 38 GW of distributed capacity forecast to be BTM by 2040*. That's 36% of total capacity in distributed energy resources and this presents significant challenges to the reliable and affordable management of your networks.
The rapid growth of behind the meter generation
The proportion of electricity generation capacity that will be behind-the-meter in Australia by 2040
The amount of distributed capacity behind-the-meter by 2040
The multiple of distributed capacity compared to coal generation by 2040
*Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance, New Energy Outlook 2016. Image credit.

The Solution
Nexergy provides a local energy trading and control platform that enables people who own distributed energy resources (DER) to trade their energy. Utilities, energy retailers and network service providers can access the platform to incentivise aggregated DER in a virtual power plant. By providing incentive price signals to market participants (prosumers), you can coordinate behind-the-meter DER in a customer-friendly way.
Encourage DER to reduce Cap/OpEx
Local energy trading has been shown to provide better returns to prosumers which encourages investment in DER where it is needed most. This optimises the use of the network infrastructure and reduces the need for costly network augmentation.
Control of aggregated DER
By facilitating active load and generation management, Nexergy allows you to control aggregated BTM resources at scale and in an economically efficient way. This is invaluable network management as well as managing retail liabilities.
Increase customer choice
Engaged and happy customers means long-lasting success for your business. Through Nexergy, customers provide an invitation for you to manage your business as effectively as possible whilst building their trust.

Expressions of Interest
We're commencing trials of the Nexergy platform in 2017 and are currently scoping sites with potential partners, including microgrid utilities, retailers, networks service providers and precinct-scale utilities. If you're interested to learn more about how the Nexergy platform can help reduce your CapEx and OpEx, or to discuss the potential for a trial on your network, please contact us.

About Us
We envisage a more economically efficient energy system, where distributed energy resources play a large role in optimising network usage, reducing long-term CapEx investment and on-going OpEx. We believe a market-based energy management platform is the most effective way of coordinating DER to maintain the value in electricity networks whilst increasing levels of reliability.

The Nexergy team was recently selected to participate in the Energy XO accelerator program, led by Pollenizer and supported by Horizon Power.
Darius Salgo
Darius is passionate about facilitating our transition from centralised to decentralised energy systems. At Nexergy, his interest in the improving economics of DER meets his desire to improve energy equity.

Darius has experience in energy systems engineering and energy markets, having worked in hybrid microgrid design, wind farm operation and trading on Australia's National Electricity Market (NEM). He has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sydney and is active in the sustainability and technology communities.
Grant Young
Grant has a background that crosses strategic/service design, social network engagement and web application development. He thrives on solving complex problems through the application of user experience and digital design tools.

He has previously worked on web applications in financial and carbon accounting. He holds a Masters in Sustainable Practice at RMIT and has been a senior team member in a number of sustainability and energy-related projects for the NEM Consumer Advocacy Panel and the Green Buildings Alive program.
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