Fair trade energy
Nexergy's local energy marketplace enables you to sell your excess electricity—from your rooftop solar, and soon batteries!—to your peers and community. Get better returns than selling to your energy company for the standard feed-in tariff, and take back control.
Don't have solar?

The deal
If you live in NSW, you can be among the first to experience the benefits of local energy trading. Switch your electricity across to the Nexergy Ready plan with Energy Locals and get:
Great rates
Beat the up-coming price hikes and get great rates—locked in until July 2018—includes an attractive 10c/kWh feed-in tariff.
Smart energy tracker
As a "thank you" to our early supporters, we'll kick in a smart energy tracker, fully installed.*
Early access
Get access to the Nexergy marketplace preview release as soon as it's available, and save even more!

The Nexergy timeline
We're already a long way towards bringing local energy trading to communities across Australia. Your early support helps us bring about a fairer energy system, sooner.
Oct 2016–
Feb 2017
Oct 2016–
Feb 2017
Prototype trading platform developed
Prototype energy trading platform developed and validated using
historical customer data.
Nexergy Ready plan
Sign up to the Nexergy Ready plan with Energy Locals today and get great rates, locked in until July 2018. As a thank you, your smart energy tracker (and installation) is on us!
Oct 2017
Oct 2017
Smart energy trackers delivered
We'll arrange to get your energy tracker out to you and installed shortly after you sign up. We expect installation for many customers to be completed before the end of October.
Nov 2017
Nov 2017
Preview release invitations + setup
You'll be invited to join the preview release of the Nexergy trading platform, and you'll be able to sign up and set your trading preferences. We'll take it from there, and your feedback on the app will be used to improve future releases.
Dec 2017
Dec 2017
Trading commences
The preview release of Nexergy's platform will be available just in time to increase your savings over summer! Start trading your excess energy with others in your community, review your trading performance, and adjust your preferences to maximise your benefits. Or simply let the platform work for you to get the best rates, all the time...
Timeline dates are estimates based on our project plan—actual delivery dates may vary.

About us
Nexergy and Energy Locals are both committed to a cheaper, fairer and cleaner energy system.
We believe in a fairer energy system, where the value of individual investment in renewable energy is properly rewarded, and where energy is accessible for all to thrive.

By bringing energy into the sharing economy, our local energy trading platform helps you reduce your energy bills and get a fairer return on your investment in solar or battery storage.

More about Nexergy...
Our purpose is to provide customers with as much clean energy as they need to live comfortable lives at a fair, fixed and great value price they can control.

We'll never changing prices for profit. We're transparent about what we earn and 50% of our profit goes to Aussie communities, charities and new, local renewable energy projects.

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Keep in touch
Not ready to sign-up today, but want to keep in touch with our progress? Join people from over 80 communities who have already registered their interest in local energy trading!

Frequently Asked Questions
How much will I save through trading?
Savings will depend on your energy usage and what you have installed (how much solar and batteries you have). Our modelling shows energy savings for participants can be in the range of 10%–40%.

What are Energy Locals' prices?
Further information, including pricing information factsheets, are available on the pricing page of the Energy Locals website.

Are there any up-front costs?
No. It's as simple as changing your energy plan. In fact, Energy Locals makes it even simpler than most!

Is there a "lock in" contract?
There's no lock-in contracts—you can leave whenever you want.

Do I need to install anything?
Nexergy trading uses the standard electricity grid to enable energy flows between traders. All you need is a smart energy tracker, which we'll provide and install. There's nothing else special you need to buy or do.

What else do I need to setup to start trading?
Once you're on the Nexergy platform, you'll use our web application on your smartphone to set your preferences for how you'd like to make your energy available to your community. Once you've done that, the Nexergy platform will do the rest.
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