Your energy.
Clean. Local. Fair.
We're bringing energy into the sharing economy. With Nexergy you can buy and sell energy with your peers—your friends, family, neighbours and others in your community—instead of the electricity company.
Got solar?
Connect with people in your community who want to buy your excess solar.

Invite friends and family to buy your excess energy.

Set your price. Charge a premium or provide a discount—you're in control.

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Can't get solar?
Buy your energy from the people in your community selling their excess solar.

Get a discount from family and friends, or support community solar projects.

Direct your $$ to the clean energy resources in your community.

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Community energy
Invite your supporters to contribute to your clean energy project and pay it off faster.

Connect with multiple customers who want to buy the energy you generate.

Charge a premium or provide a discount for those who support your project.

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Take the power back
Register today and join people in over 80 communities who want the benefits of local energy trading.
How it works
Here's a quick scenario illustrating how local energy trading with Nexergy works. This is just one way that Nexergy's platform can provide benefit. Sign up to experience how trading can work for you.
Rob has solar panels on his house and he wants to sell his excess energy to his daughter, Sara.
Rob uses the Nexergy mobile app to invite Sara, setting up a 10% discount for the energy he sells to her.
The excess energy from Rob's solar panels are first sold to Sara. If there's any left over, it's sold back to the electricity company at the standard rate.
Rob and Sara's electricity is delivered via the standard grid—there's nothing to install or setup.
Rob lists himself on the Nexergy sellers directory to connect with others in his community that want to buy any further excess energy his panels generates, over and above what Sara buys.
Sara browses the sellers directory to find other people in her community that she can buy from for when Rob's panels aren't generating enough excess energy to meet her needs.
The benefits of trading are reflected on Rob and Sara's energy bill. Their preferences (buyers and sellers, pricing etc.) are "set and forget" and they can change their preferences at any time.
We've partnered with community energy retailer Energy Locals to provide the Nexergy Preview Release. Learn more...
We're a collaborator on the deX—a collective of energy companies developing a "decentralised energy exchange" so households like yours can transact energy services to utilities. Learn more...
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