Clean energy for less

By bringing energy into the sharing economy, our local energy trading platform helps you reduce your energy bills and get a fairer return on your investment in solar or battery storage.
Preview release
Be one of the first to experience the benefits of local energy trading and find out how you can save 20% or more on your electricity! We're seeking communities to get a preview release of the Nexergy platform. Pre-register to show your interest in local energy trading coming to your area.
The Challenge
High energy bills
We all feel it—energy prices have increased tremendously in recently years, and this trend is set to continue. If this concerns you, you're not alone: a recent survey by Choice Magazine shows that 81% of people are concerned or very concerned about high energy bills.
Accessible clean energy
If you're like most people, you want your energy to come from clean, renewable sources. Australia is a leader in rooftop solar with 1.6 million of us having already made the switch. But what about those of us who can't—either because we can't afford it, we live in an apartment or rent, for example?
Low price for generation
If you've already installed solar, the rate you get paid for your excess energy is both under-valued and uncertain. By comparison, retail rates at which energy is purchased can be up to 10 times higher! This means it takes longer to pay back the up-front investment. Batteries can help but they're still quite expensive.

Our Solution
If you have solar or batteries, Nexergy's platform enables you to sell your electricity to others in your community, for more than you get from typical feed-in tariffs, but less than they would otherwise pay for conventional energy.

If you're someone who can't get your own solar or batteries—due to cost, living in an apartment or renting, for example—you can purchase locally-generated clean energy for less than conventional energy.

It's a win-win: those with solar and batteries (sellers) get better returns, and buyers reduce their energy costs.
How much can you save?
Research shows that people engaging in local energy trading can save 20% or more on their electricity bills.*
* Source: University of Sydney
Fair returns for generated energy
By connecting prosumers—producers and consumers of energy—with others in their community, the Nexergy platform achieves a fairer price for energy. Buyers of this electricity can access clean energy for less than they would otherwise pay—it's a win/win!
Get paid by your energy company
Energy companies can offer incentives to owners of batteries and home automation devices when it helps them to run their network better. For example, they might pay for you to store or export energy when it's most valuable.
Lower costs for everyone
Local energy trading enables energy users—even those who can't afford to install solar and batteries—to access lower energy costs whilst also using clean energy. Trading also supports those who have made the investment and ultimately reduces costs for all.

Want local energy trading?
You're not alone—people from over 80 communities have already registered their interest in local energy trading! Add your voice to see the Nexergy preview release come to your area by pre-registering today.

About Us
We believe in a fairer energy system, where the value of individual investment in renewable energy is properly rewarded, and where energy is accessible for all to thrive. There's lots to be done, but we're enthusiastically working to overcome the barriers to realise our vision of a clean, equitable energy future.
Darius Salgo
Darius is passionate about paving the way for the next generation of clean energy technologies to thrive. He believes that empowering communities with accessible, clean energy is the solution to our fossil-fuel hangover.

Darius has experience in energy systems engineering and energy markets, having worked in hybrid microgrid design, wind farm operation and trading on Australia's National Electricity Market (NEM). He holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Sydney and is active in the sustainability and technology communities.
Grant Young
Grant is excited to be applying his professional and personal passion for sustainability and digital product design to supporting the growth of the community-led distributed energy revolution.

Grant is one of the people behind online accounting application Saasu and was a founding team member of Earth Hour (while working at WWF-Australia). He holds a Masters in Sustainable Practice from RMIT and has worked on a number of projects for the NEM Consumer Advocacy Panel and the Green Buildings Alive program.
The Nexergy team recently completed the Energy XO accelerator program.
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